Training Classes


Whether you have a 10 week old puppy or an older dog we will have a training class to suit your needs. All classes are limited to 6 dogs. Please go to our booking page to book a place.


Puppy Foundation - up to 20 weeks old


Level 2 - any age over 5 months old if you have completed our puppy foundation or a basic puppy course elsewhere


Level 3 - any dog over 1 year old who has completed level 2


If a class you want isn't available to book then please send us a message via our contact form, by text, email or on facebook and I will put you on the waiting list. When I have enough people I will then run an additional class. Thanks.


Puppy Foundation - 7 week course - 45 minute weekly sessions

These classes are designed to kick start training with your puppy once they have had their first vaccinations and are suitable for puppies up to 5 months old at the start of the course. We will work with you on starting to teach your dog the basics such as sit, not jumping up, wait and recall but also teaching you how to get the best from your training sessions.

We will also look at how to care for your puppy, for example introducing the harness/collar, grooming, teaching a leave, how to encourage calm behaviour and most importantly, how to teach your pup to play. We will also discuss the importance of canine enrichment for dogs.

Some initial controlled socialisation will be included to help get the puppies ready for the big world. There will be loads of fun too to help you develop your bond with your puppy which will be invaluable when it comes to recall. We will also cover some basic handling and husbandry skills to get the puppies comfortable with being handled which comes in really handy for things like trips to the vets.

The first session will be an evening of introducing you to training and loads of important information about the rest of the sessions. Therefore you will need to ask a family member or friend to look after your puppy while you attend as you will not be able to bring your pup to this. This is because neither you (or I) will be able to concentrate on all the information when you have your cute little puppy in tow. They will of course be joining you on the remaining 6 sessions. Each session will be 45 mins long with a small amount of time after for questions at the end.


Level 2 - 6 week course - 45 minute weekly sessions

As a progression from the foundation or level 1 this class is open to any dogs over 5 months old. We will work on developing the skills learnt already as well as introducing new behaviours. So we would look at asking the dogs to sit at a distance or settle on a bed while their are distractions around. We will teach the dogs how to greet politely, both dogs and people. New beahviours such as hand targets and clicker training will open up new training possibilities for you and your dog and we can use these skills when we start to look at more precision training such as distance control and platform work. We will also keep developing recall and loose lead walking and much more.


Level 3

Coming soon.