As of January 2022 Full Pawtential will no longer be trading because I have got a job!!!


As some of you already know, I have been given the amazing opportunity to join the Guide Dogs as a trainer so I will no longer be able to train through Full Pawtential. I am really looking forward to being able to be part of a fantastic organisation that help to make such a huge difference to so many peoples' lives.


I would like to thank all of my amazing customers past and present. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all. Many of you I would now consider to be friends whom I very much hope to stay in touch with in the future. Being able to help so many owners and their dogs to have the best lives and relationships has been incredibly rewarding and I will miss you all.


I would also like to do a special thanks to a few other people who have helped me get to where I am today. There are many many more so apologies if I have missed anyone.


Adam at Avon Dog Services – I did a professional course with Adam before I set up my business and he taught me so much as well as helped me to gain the confidence to set up on my own. He has also provided ongoing support over the years which has been invaluable. Adam is a highly experienced and qualified behaviourist and I would highly recommend him for any behavioural issues you might be having.


Mel at The Positive Pup – Mel very kindly allowed me to shadow her classes when I was training to build my knowledge and skills. She has also been a support for me if I have had any issues as a trainer and has also been so supportive. If you need any training or help with reactivity, Mel is your lady.


Poulshot Village Hall – Jon, for very kindly allowing me to use the village hall when I first started up puppy classes.


West Lavington Village Hall - a fantastic space and Michelle, Joe and the team have been amazing particularly with flexibility around Covid and running classes. Thank you..


MacQueen's Vets and Estcourt Vets – both of the vets in Devizes gave out my business cards which was a massive help for my business and I will be eternally grateful for their support over the years.


Dave and Heather Hunter – my good friends Dave and Heather have helped me in so many ways. They have fed and watered me when I have had long hours, they have looked after my dog so that I could do extra sessions during busy periods, Dave has built not one, but two websites for me and tolerated my impossibly high demands when not even I knew what I wanted but most of all they are always there to cheer me up after a long day. Thank you for everything!


My parents who have always supported me and helped me in whatever I do, Thank you for everthing.


My partner – last but not least, my long suffering partner who has to put up with so much. I am so lucky to have someone in my life to support me no matter what. Thank you.


Finally, I would like to leave you with some recommendations and some advice. If you get an electrician to work on your house, you expect that they are complying with the latest laws and requirements and use equipment that is within regulations. If you instruct a lawyer you expect that they are advising you within the latest laws so that you have the best chance of success and that they are trained and up to date with their professional knowledge. So, when you employ a dog trainer you should ask for no less!


Dominance theory has been proven to be completely incorrect when it comes to dog training and has no place in modern training. If a trainer is using methods that are based on this then their knowledge and tools are out of date and you are getting poor and incorrect advice. Not only this but scientific studies have shown that training using aversive methods and/or equipment lead to far higher cases of reactivity and aggression and positive reinforcement gives high success rates and longer lasting results.


We know better therefore we should do better. Any trainer that mentions alpha, dominance, showing your dog or puppy who is boss, has any affiliation to Graeme Hall or Cesar Milan, recommends the use of slip leads, prong collars, shock collars, corrections and so on are the equivalent of an electrician using wires wrapped in cotton in your house or a lawyer using laws that are 50 years out of date to represent you in court.


Always use a harness on your dog unless you can 100% guarantee they won't pull. Imagine if you went to a zoo and the animals were all being dragged around by their necks, the public would be up in arms, so why do people think it is acceptable for dogs? Take the time to train your dog and teach it what you expect. They don't come knowing the rules. Don't expect your dog not to do dog things or not to do things it has been bred for. Dogs dig, they bark, they chew things, they want to run around, if they have been bred to herd…they will want to herd things. If they have been bred to sniff things…they will need lots of sniffing time. When you allow your dog appropriate outlets for their natural desires and behaviours they will be much more able to cope and learn and be calm the rest of the time.


Use the right person for the right job. For veterinary advice, ask the vets. For grooming advice, ask a groomer. For training or behaviour advice, ask a trainer or behaviourist. With all due respect, each field requires study and knowledge within their respective area and one does not qualify someone to give advice on the other. Pet dog owners, whilst well meaning, may have had dogs all their life but that is likely to barely reach double figures, whereas a qualified and experienced trainer will have studied for years and working with hundreds if not thousands of dogs. Whose opinion do you think is likely to be more beneficial to you and your dog?


Most of all, enjoy your dog. Dogs have such short lives, enjoy it and make it the best you can. You are their world, so don't shout at them if they are struggling, help them to learn and give them the best life you can.


I wish you all and your furry friends all the best in the future.

Love Lindsey xx





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Cats and Dogs at War

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The Case Against Dominance/Pack Theory

The Case Against Dominance/Pack Theory

An excellent film with very knowledgeable people. There is no excuse for any trainer to still be using dominance theory as a foundation for their training when the science has proven that positive reinforcement provides better results.