Bonding with your Dog

Playing with your dog is a great way to bond with them as well as an opportunity to teach and practice new behaviours.

This shouldn’t stop at home. When you are out and about using the environment to develop your dog’s problem solving and focus on you. Build-in things that you have taught them to proof their behaviours.

Here you can see Pepsi practicing sit with a wait. This is impulse control. As you can hear she really wants the stick but she has to wait. Then the release cue, OK, to get the stick. The game is part of the reward and getting the stick is the final reward. However, it’s the fact that I have interacted with her that is rewarding. There are a million sticks on the floor but they are not as fun.

The second video shows her getting to bite and rip and pull. These are all-natural behaviours for her and she loves being able to do them.

The key is that she does it with something appropriate. Dogs need an outlet for natural behaviours. She doesn’t then come home and try and rip my leg off!

Be part of your dog’s walk, not just a chaperone.
Make sure that anything you do is age and breed-appropriate.

Very low impact for puppies, especially large breeds. Hide things like toys, get them sniffing, hide behind trees and get them to chase you. If your dog consumes sticks then obviously don’t do this. Use toys instead.