Canine Enrichment

Dogs are highly intelligent beings and they need mental as well as physical stimulation. Canine enrichment is a way to provide this for dogs and is becoming ever more popular as the benefits are being realised across the globe.

Enrichment doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be an activity that engages the dog’s brain and that it enjoys. This could be something as simple as scattering their breakfast on the lawn in the morning instead of in a pile in a bowl, or it could be including them on a trip to the beach or woodland for the day out, or even better, a camping trip.

Enrichment alleviates boredom, helps develop your dog’s problem-solving skills and will help them be a happier and more well-rounded individual.

As with all training, to introduce your dog to these sorts of activities, it is essential to start off at a low intensity and build up the complexity, so as to avoid your dog getting frustrated. You both want it to be fun and rewarding for both of you. Doing these activities with your dog also helps to develop the bond you have with them.

These enrichment activities should also involve an element of play and can involve the use of everyday household items that you may already have. If you want to, there are multitude of things that you can buy to help give your dog some extra brain exercise.

If you attend any of our classes we will discuss the importance of canine enrichment for your dog, giving examples and demonstrations of activities that you can do together. We also run Canine Enrichment Workshops where we discuss in more detail the types and benefits of enrichment. We will also point you in the direction of where you can share ideas and experiences with like-minded people on the internet.

It is important to add that your puppy or dog should always be supervised when engaging with new activities where there can be any potential hazards.

If you are interested in any enrichment products, we will have a selection available for you to view when you attend any of our training courses or workshops, which will also be available to buy.