Bonding with your Dog

Playing with your dog is a great way to bond with them as well as an opportunity to teach and practice new behaviours.

Canine Enrichment

Dogs are highly intelligent beings and they need mental as well as physical stimulation. Canine enrichment is a way to provide this for dogs and is becoming ever more popular as the benefits are being realised across the globe.

I’m on the lead…

Let’s try to all be respectful and responsible and if you see a dog on lead, please call your dogs back and put them on a lead if you need to. It also stops your dog from getting into bad habits so a win-win for everyone.

Cats and Dogs at War

This uses modern trainers using methods that set up both the owners and the animals to succeed. Other than original footage sent in by the families, at no point do you see the owners having to demonstrate the problems.

The Case Against Dominance/Pack Theory

The Case Against Dominance/Pack Theory

An excellent film with very knowledgeable people. There is no excuse for any trainer to still be using dominance theory as a foundation for their training when the science has proven that positive reinforcement provides better results.