Cats and Dogs at War

This uses modern trainers using methods that set up both the owners and the animals to succeed. Other than original footage sent in by the families, at no point do you see the owners having to demonstrate the problems.

Both the experts sit calmly and talk to the owners and understand what is happening before coming up with a plan that involves gradually working toward an end goal.

At no point are any of the animals “corrected” using force or fear and they are careful not to push either parties too far so that the training is fun and enjoyable for all.The program is presented in a way that explains that the owners need to put in the work and you can see how small some of the steps are. There are no quick fixes.

See if you can see them using any of the techniques you have used with your pets and/or during sessions with me…

I would still recommend enlisting the help of a modern professional trainer if you are having problems, but it is a program that I would recommend watching and enjoying. At no point did my blood pressure start to rise as the animals’ welfare was always put first.

Thank you to Chirag Patel and Nanci Creedon Dog Behaviourist for finally managing to get a decent dog program aired. Let’s hope the rest follow suit!

Cats and Dogs at War is available
to see here on Channel 5